Picking a digital agency is a very important choice and it has to be well thought because an application is a serious investment so both on the financial and time level. Finding the right concept and its elaboration takes a great amount of time. This considerable investment makes an app a tool that will not be easy to reiterate on a regular basis. Its success must be guaranteed.

Some success factors have to be respected in order to be sure to make money out of the app. Thanks to its strong experience in mobile development, Tapptic has identified 6 elements to take into account while choosing the digital agency that will help you to reach your objectives.

  1. The chosen digital agency must be aware of the importance of the functional aspects of the app

Being referenced on Google Play or the Apple Store is not enough to reach return on investments targets. A lot of apps are published each day, but a lot of them do not have the expected success. This can be partly explained by the lack of optimization of the user experience. Users can get very easily tired of an app and progressively abandon it if they are not satisfied with the different functionalities offered to them. Pick a digital agency that already has a successful experience with the user experience is the first step.

  1. A digital agency must be able to provide to your project very special care

A lot of digital agencies are handling many projects at the same time. However, it is crucial for the clients to know that a team or a developer is dedicated to their project, that they will not take it lightly and that they will take the time to create the best app possible. On the other hand, knowing that the project is handled by a proven team, use to work together, and which follows well developed processes is also a manner to make sure that the project will be a success.

  1. A digital agency must communicate freely with its clients

As a client, it is crucial to be able to reach your dedicated team to ask them all the questions you can potentially have and it is to be sure that there will be someone that will be able to answer it. There should be not doubts left, and clients should be able to clarify their demands with the developer or the team dedicated to their project. That is the reason why, since the beginning of the development, clients have to be certain to work with the same developers all along the project. Frequent back and forth are crucial in order to avoid misunderstandings and bad surprises.

  1. The digital team must have a ROI oriented vision

As explained earlier, the overall objective of the development of an application is not only to be published on Google Play or on the Apple store, but also to allow the company on the initiative of the project to reach its strategic objectives established at its creation. Working with a team aware of this specificity is a safe path for the client. The best situation occurs when the developer adapts its development objectives to client’s expected results. It is important to fix before the development, the purpose and the objectives of the app. To rise profits? To improve its’ branding? To optimize processes? Those objectives have to be measurable and predetermined.

  1. Clients and mobile agency must have a trust-based relationship

It is easier and more constructive to work on a project where everyone do trust each other and are going in the same direction. There is nothing better for a client that to see its projects, its challenges and its objectives understood by its mobile agency. The most important is to choose a digital agency willing to make your app evolve.

  1. A digital agency must be 100% innovation oriented.

The digital world is constantly evolving. Every day, new technologies come up. In order to be coherent with the market’s trends, it is important for the agency to be aware of the latest evolutions of the existing technologies and devices in order to offer to their clients the best digital solutions.

That is the reason why Tapptic’s teams are trained to answer to all their client’s expectations. Tapptic’s consultants will be on your side to help you develop the digital projects that will allow you to reach your objectives.