The application Opéra national de Paris has been released and made available on app stores for the first time in March 2016. It brought a bunch of new features, while filling some criteria. The app had to :

  • broaden Opéra national de Paris’ presence on mobile devices,
  • conform itself to the new visual identity, which had been first introduced on web and printed supports,
  • introduce new features and make the users’ processes easier,
  • get closer to younger audiences.

Constantly improved, the new application, developed by Tapptic, is filled with new functionalities. Its design has been completely rethought, while all the contents are customisable. Tickets are easily accessible, popping up on the main page the day of a show the user will attend to. On top of that, a whole new buying process has been developed, making the journey easier and simpler.

The figures tend to show that the app is successful: in a year, the number of users on both iOS and Android platforms has tripled, 57% of the in-app purchases are coming from first-buyers, and the share of tickets bought through the app are constantly increasing.

The application Opéra national de Paris has won bronze at the Grand Prix Marketing Digital 2017, organised by the magazine Stratégies, for their digital strategy.  Stratégies rewards entreprises who “want to touch their various targets in a customised and creative way”. The main critiera from Stratégies are:

  • the adequation between the problem and the solution brought by the agency,
  • the concept’s strenght,
  • the creativity,
  • the quality and efficiency of the work made.

Both Tapptic’s and Opéra National de Paris’ teams pride themselves about it!

Prix Stratégies