Artificial intelligence is on the verge of becoming one of tomorrow’s digital sphere main topics. Both public and private investments have reached new highs, while the opportunities artificial intelligence presents don’t stop multiplying. Artificial intelligence represents an always increasing part of an enterprise’s digitalisation, which isn’t only a necessity to them, but a real stake.

In a spirit of raising awareness about artificial intelligence, Tapptic France has organised for the first time the event Next, in Paris. Already established throughout Europe, notably in Belgium and Switzeland, Next presents the latest digital opportunities and tomorrow’s stakes.

Last March 23rd, in the very heart of Paris, we invited more than 85 representatives of the digital for an afterwork around artificial intelligence.

Artificial intelligence actually takes into account the context in which the user evolves, based on the already existing datas. Thus, it considerably improves the user experience, all while becoming even more efficient, and giving more pertinent tips and answers.

The evening’s programwent on: conferences with interventions from different actors of the digital sphere, interactive workshops and customised help from our experts. Frédéric Feytons, CTO of Tapptic, gave a short introduction, in which he illustrated AI, its democratisation and its concrete use cases. two of Tapptic‘s historic partners, M6 and Microsoft then gave us an insight on their views on artificial intelligence, and the way they used it in their different solutions.

Machine Learning

Our colleagues were also present, in order to allow our guests to get more familiar with all the latest technologies: virtual reality, with the HTC Vive, augmented reality, with the HoloLens, personal assistants, with Google Home, and bots, presented by Microsoft. Our experts were also gave pieces of advice to all the invited professionals, interested in adopting a digital strategy.

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