Tapptic’s teams have recently designed and developed the bright new ArtePub mobile app: IGOTO.

This app give access to a complete catalogue of all the events (shows, concerts, exhibitions or movies session) across Belgium. The user is able to choose the type of events he is particularly fond of. Thus, in his news feed, only releases to his liking will be proposed to him.




It is also possible for users to save an event of interest to them, to search for a particular event or, even a more original feature, to scan the event posters in the streets for practical information or to try to win tickets!

To enable an efficient image scan, we had to integrate an external solution to the application on which it was possible for ArtePub to download the visuals of the posters and associate them with the event url.




All of design and development of the application was carried out by our teams in Belgium. And, little technical specificity, the application has been fully coded in React Native, a language that allows to write a single code for the iOS and Android platform. For more information on React Native, an explanatory article is available here.

The mobile app has been launched on stores since August 28th and it is available on iOS and Android.