The Challenge

AXA Banque wanted to develop a banking app dedicated to digital natives and adapt to their needs and everyday life, with the aim to deliver an app which could improve their relationship with their banks in a 100% oriented mobile way.

How to anchor a banking application into the everyday life of the French digital natives?

Our Solution

Tapptic helped AXA Banque to launch its banking revolution with an innovative application concept and to be an integral part of the strategic thinking about the « Soon » project. A service that could change the way people see their relation with their bank by providing them personalised and adapted solutions, remaining 100% digital and 100% mobile. An interface where functionalities are very close to the expectations of the users, where outgoings are seen like real moments. That is the reason why Tapptic put in place functionality which allows them to add photos in their timeline, to create virtual pots to fund personal projects and to categorise spendings or to visualize the “what is left to spend ?”

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