The Challenge

With the 6play app, M6 wanted to offer to its users a permanent and multi-screen access to its three core channels : M6, W9 and 6ter, but also to many other digital channels available exclusively online. The tool had to be smart, so that the users’s experience could be personalised to offer a unique in-app experience.

How to develop a video content app, in a personalised way, in order to fulfill the users’ expectations?

Our Solution

Tapptic provided for M6 a dedicated team composed of varied profiles, such as designers, developers and testers. They all collaborated on the same mission: make 6play as smart as possible in order to offer a personalised experience to each one of the 13 millions users, by offering them access to a suggestion of programs depending of their habits, driven through the latest innovations in terms of artificial intelligence. In other words, each one of the 13 millions users had their own unique experience.

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