Club Med

The Challenge

Club Med’s main goal is to improve the quality of the customer journey instore by inviting them to immerse their clients into different clubs. Prospective clients used to choose their next holidays from catalogues and pictures, that is the reason why Club Med wanted to provide them with an immersive and innovative experience so that they would propel themselves in the suggested holidays camps, adding at the same time an emotional value to the experience.

How to enhance the conversion rate and to improve the user experience for clients?

Our Solution

To help the salesforce, an application cardboard has been developed with 360° content for the different club’s villages. This immersive experience was available to all customers within the stores.

To bring the potentials customers closer to their holidays, Tapptic developed an application that provides 360° videos, whether with a cardboard device or a smartphone. To start, clients decide which hotel they want to see in an immersive environment and then, they can delve into the clubs different elements (swimming pool, bedrooms, restaurant, beach) to discover all the details of the club in 360° vision. Clients do not have the standard experience of choosing from a catalogue, instead they enjoy a real experience from the Club Med boutique.

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