Already known for its ability to innovate in its core areas: bakery, confectionery and chocolate making, Puratos has once again redoubled its efforts to be ever more innovative with the creation of a Virtual Innovation Center.


Thanks to a 360° virtual experience in their workshops in their Brussels Innovation center available here, Puratos now offers to its clients the opportunity to discover its know-how interactively, 24/7.




In addition of experiencing the 360 atmosphere in Puratos’ workshops, this new platform also gives to their customers access to additional resources and expertise to help them make their business even more successful.


To do so, within the interface itself, each customer will be able to benefit from personalized support in three ways:


  • Live chat sessions with technical experts who provide personalized solutions to their clients’ different challenges.
  • A virtual advisor, available at any time, to support them on their finished products.


    • More than 180 recipes are also available and customers can easily find inspiration to create their own recipes.



To enable the full development of this interface, Tapptic teams went to Puratos’ workshops to capture 360° images and identify points of interest to be linked with the user experience. Then, it was necessary to develop the entire platform and integrate the 360° images into it.


Concerning the virtual advisor, more commonly called chatbot, the solution was developed around Motion. ai, a well-known development platform. This tool allows you to encode all messages intended for customers and thus guarantee the relevance of your bot’s answers.


For both 360° videos and chatbot, Tapptic teams are proud to have developed and delivered such an innovative solution.