Tapptic has multiple development teams across Europe with expertise on the main platforms, using a variety of programming languages used in this varied wide app world.

Since the beginning, we’ve been extending and training our teams so that they are constantly up-to-date and able to deliver high-quality projects on a variety of platforms and on a wide ranging set of devices.

Supported Platforms

Mobile Platforms

  • Through dedicated development teams, Tapptic provides expertise of the main mobile platforms in the market, and variations for multiple types of devices.
  • Advanced skills (iOS, using both Swift & Objective-C, Android, Windows Phone and many web technologies, targeting smartphones, tablets, watches and other devices)

By supporting advanced platforms features such as Siri, Google Now, Cortana and Alexa integrations, rich push notifications, widgets, TouchID/fingerprinting, location based services , beacons and so much more, we create highly technology-powered applications and solutions.

Web Platforms

Tapptic is a partner of choice for advanced web projects, the so-called “Web Apps” as opposed to “Web Sites”. Web Apps are usually technically complex projects such as e-commerce and transactional platforms.

Tapptic is skilled with major and up-to-date web technologies:

  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • JavaScript
  • Angular.js
  • ReactJS

AR/VR Platforms

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality are coming much faster than we think.

Augmented Reality? Have a look at Pokemon GO!

Virtual Reality? Experts agree to state that there are two categories of people in the world: the people in love with VR and the ones who did not try it yet.

At Tapptic, we build AR/VR experiences, from “simple” 360 photo/video experiences to 3D environments powered by Unity and Unreal Engine platforms.

We can develop on any device:

  • Google Cardboard
  • Oculus Rift
  • Samsung Gear VR
  • HTC Vive
  • Microsoft Hololens

Home Platforms

Apps are emerging in homes through two platforms:


Tapptic supports multiple television platforms, such as:

  • Apple TV (tvOS)
  • Android TV
  • Samsung TV / Smart TV
  • STBs (Freebox, Bouygues Bbox, etc.)
  • HbbTV

Home assistants

2016 is the rise of home assistants such as:

  • Amazon Echo
  • Google Home

Users activate these voice-controlled devices by calling them by their name (e.g. “Alexa” for the Amazon Echo, “Google” for Google Home) and asking them for a service with natural language.

Ranging from general information request such as “Who is the current President of the USA?” to voice commands controlling smart devices at home (sound bar, lights, smart locks, etc.), to more personalised services such as reminders from your event calendar, these devices can now be extended through “Skills” which are basically apps.

Car Platforms

However, CarPlay (iOS) and Android Auto are becoming stronger inside the cars as we write these lines and opening up to third party apps, requiring of course a very strict validation phase to ensure the relevance of the concept as well as its safety usage in a driving context.

Tapptic has recently published its first CarPlay app, after going into a heavy validation process with Apple.

Messaging Platforms

Messaging has become a platform on its own (Facebook Messenger, Slack, Skype, WhatsApp, Telegram, Kik, … or even SMS).

Tapptic is a partner of choice for the development of the so-called “bots”.

Powered by Natural Language Processing technologies and extracting all the value from the user experience features of the messaging platforms, bots developed by Tapptic guide their users in a natural conversation until the service is delivered.

Backend Platforms

To support all of these apps, we also provide backend development services.

Our tools of reference are:

  • PHP (Laravel or Symfony2),
  • js,
  • MySQL
  • MongoDB

We support most of the popular stacks: LAMP, LEMP, MEAN, …

Tapptic has acquired strong skills on the main cloud platforms: Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure.

Native and Hybrid

Native vs Hybrid has been a burning topic over the last years, especially in the mobile platforms world.

There is no universal answer, and Tapptic will do its best to determine which technology is the best fit to your projects.

In-house, Tapptic is skilled for:

  • Xamarin hybrid development
  • Web-based hybrid development, ranging from Cordova to React Native.

Fixed Price or Team-as-a-Service?

At Tapptic, our goal is to collaborate with the methodology that will be the best fit to your situation. We offer two options:

  • Fixed Price, in which we agree to a pre-defined scope and deliver the exact requested software within the agreed budget

  • Team-as-a-Service, in which we provide you with a skilled team at your entire service. This methodology is ideal for a product conception with a scope that will most certainly evolve during the project development.

Team training

The app world is one of the most dynamic ecosystems in the entire computing industry. It continually goes through a new evolution or introduces new products, features or platforms.

Staying continuously up to date with the state-of-the-art technologies, as we have over the past six years, requires constant development.

Therefore, Tapptic has a very strong culture and is constantly on the look-out for new technologies and sharing cross-discipline skills. Every year we attend the key technology conferences, for example Apple WWDC and Google I/O. We monitor and analyse upcoming innovation. We encourage our teams to share new creative ideas thanks to regular internal training and team building sessions allowing us to always stay open-minded.