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Our QA department approves and certifies all the apps we develop to ensure the best quality of the final product. This approval is based on a unique expertise that we constantly improve within our Testing Lab, using our 200+ devices.

Our team also works on apps that weren’t developed by Tapptic. In this context, we would be happy to work with you and help you throughout the whole quality check procedures in order to deliver the best experience to your users.

Consulting and Training

The digital domain is evolving so fast, with a new device every hour and new features with each OS release. On the Android market, there are more than 12 000 different devices!
Based on our experience, we bring you all the knowledge we gathered to ensure the quality of your product.

Digital testing training

We train you to the best practices in digital testing: how to chose the devices to test on, how to test your application and what’s the best way to report bugs.

Mobile development training

We train you to the best practices in mobile development and we also review your code so that your product is more resilient to regressions.


Digital testing has been a core activity for several years now. We know the tools, we have the “how-to”. Checking the quality of digital products is our mission.

Digital testing

We perform functional testing on your product (website, mobile app, VR app, …), on multiple screens. We also check what happens to your app if its environment is deteriorated (full memory, low battery, bad network conditions, …).

Usability testing

We challenge your app with a focus group in order to identify the weaknesses of the user interface and provide you with some recommendations to improve it. The frameworks we use for the usability testing are inspired by the international ISO standards.

Scalability testing

We check if your server can support large scale requests. Those requests are based on real user flows and replicated in the cloud. We monitor your server during the process in order to identify potential weaknesses in your infrastructure.


Beta testing

Before going live, it is recommended to test your app with real users. We will accompany you through all the steps of the process: we recruit the testers, we set up the tools and we gather the feedback for you.

Security audit

We work with a specialized partner, certified in security expertise. Their experts perform penetration testing, review the code and check if sensitive data is correctly secured within the app.


Quality audit

It’s not always easy to know which part of the product lacks quality, therefore we audit all its layers: the features, the usability, the SEO / ASO, positioning on the market… Based on this broad analysis, we provide 10 recommendations to quickly improve your product.

End-to-end acceptance testing

You need an expert team to test your app but you don’t have the resources to do so ? We can test your product, end-to-end, with the full package: testing team, testing strategy and, of course, reporting. We test it from the early stages of development until the production.

Dedicated QA team

We provide you a dedicated QA Manager who defines the appropriate test strategy and estimates the resources needed. They will set up an end-to-end acceptance testing and ensures the quality of your product on a long-term basis.