Unfortunately, the gold rush of the early days to the AppStore has come to an end. At every conference, on every specialised blog, you can hear about “App Fatigue”, and learn that your app will face a competition against 4 million other apps. This competition will be… among the three apps that are used for 80% of the time of the average smartphone user. Yes, three.

Today more than ever, at the very end of the first decade of apps, building a digital service like an app, a website, a bot or anything else makes absolutely no sense without a clear strategy.

To face these challenges, Tapptic is ready to accompany its clients, from service design workshops to long-term digital strategy missions.


Digital Strategy

Today, anyone is facing an exponential increase of available technological solutions, the number of interfaces available for consumers is growing, be it in the vast Big Data, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence ecosystem, be it in the variety of SaaS and SDK solutions you can as an editor integrate.

Making the right choice, targeting the right problem, balancing between budget optimisation and maximised outcome is increasingly difficult.

By systematically combining our vision as digital experts and our past experiences, we can help guide you through the correct choices for your business.

App&Web Expertise

You have an existing digital system: now what? How will you optimise it? On what feature should you invest next? Is it reaching the KPIs you’ve set for it?

Through our app and web expertise, we provide you with the services to answer these questions:

  • Quality Audit
  • UI and UX audits and recommendation
  • Competition benchmark
  • ASO
  • Technical Audit:apps and website interfaces

Digital Workshops and Service Design Workshops

Gathering the power of your teams is key to building a service that makes sense and leverages all of your strengths.

To achieve such a mission, we organise digital and service design workshops, whose purpose are to update your teams with the latest technologies in the digital world, as well as to bootstrap an ideation process through design thinking methodologies.

To maximize the efficiency, Tapptic tailors the workshops to the business field of its clients, brings any uncommon devices (e.g. Microsoft HoloLens, HTC Vive, Amazon Echo, Google Home, etc.) so that teams can feel, see and understand these innovations, and afterwards, afterwards a complete report which sums up the key achievements obtained through the collaboration.


Techwatch and innovation are key, but they can be very time-consuming. Tapptic helps you by organising with you Labs in which we commit to:

  • Send a weekly newsletter summarising up the technological news, adapted to your business
  • To build once a month a POC on a specific pre-defined subject

Our mission is clear: we will not let you miss another innovation again.