On June, 29, RTBF launched a new thematic program, Tarmac, around one new communication channel: a mobile app with radio/television/playlist content dedicated to the 15-25 years old.


This new media is a premiere for RTBF because it is a brand new concept that offers this target content created exclusively for them with news, events, playlists,… 100% dedicated to HipHop. A series of audio and video programs are available on demand but also live through the mobile platform. A new studio dedicated exclusively to this initiative has even been set up by RTBF.


Our design team has been asked to challenge the existing concepts and designs to make this application more unique and innovative in the way it is used but also to optimize the user experience with some new animations.


For more than three months, four developers worked hard to be able to offer an iOS app and an Android app, both of which are already available on the stores. In three months, they have already been downloaded more than 20,000 times across all platforms.


We are proud to announce that this app has won the “Silver Award” in the “Best Interface” category for the Mixx Awards 2017!