Born in the Silicon Valley, the position of Chief Happiness Officer has considerably grown within the past years mostly in startups and digital agencies. This is precisely what happened at Tapptic! As a matter of fact, since August 2016, one of our co-workers has been offered to handle this additional mission.


Inspired by this American trend, Tapptic’s CEO, Christophe Châtillon, offered this position to Virginie Vandersmissen, one of our project managers who didn’t hesitate for a second before accepting the challenge.


Even if at first, it can seem pointless, the position of Chief Happiness Officer seems to be more and more important in many different companies. Indeed, it is scientifically proved that a happy worker will work more efficiently than another that considers himself unhappy. This is why well-being at work, also considered as Management 3.0, will strongly impact the internal organization of companies.


Concerning Tapptic, the missions of our Chief Happiness Officer is very different but they all have the same objective: motivate the troops ! This goes from organizing breakfasts and afterworks, to the improvement of the offices but also to individual interviews to make sure that everyone is happy.


Each company is entirely free to choose the initiatives that they want to implement to ensure the comfort and the serenity of all employees at work. This is a particular aspect that motivated Virginie Vandersmissen to accept the position.


She confides that being in charge of global happiness for her is more like sharing good vibes, and it is very intuitive for her. Already in her daily life, she sees herself as a leading personality who is a very good listener and who enjoys resolving other’s problems.


« Ten hours a day, it is almost half of your life, so you better make it worth it » Virginie Vandersmissen »